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Recorded live, from The 40th Annual Burghausen Jazz Festival!
The Festival, Live CD and December 2009 German TV special!
Here are some of the songs performed March 21, 2009.

The band line up consists of John Earl Walker, lead guitar and vocals,
Joey Tremelo guitar, Peter Harris bass, Frank Diorio drums and Tommy Keys on piano. 

Here's a popular hot and sassy instrumental. 
The false fade and funky refrain make it even more fun!

John tells a story of tough life on the streets and in and out of the clink.

A man needs a little loving and attention when he returns home after being on the road. 
Things really get cooking when John tells the guys "lets take it home." 

It's the rhythm of the way she walks....
A Cool Groove. 

When you've just got to break out and knock down the walls that surround us all.

There are no double standards when it comes to romance
and you reap what you sew in this life. 

Time to move onto another chapter in life and surround yourself with more
positive relationships, when things begin to sour or take on a bitter taste. 

Why does it always rain at airports?

She blew in to town, blew me away and left nothing but destruction in her path!

Our friends and appreciative audience at the 40th Annual Burghausen Jazz Festival rock
their socks off with us, to this up tempo number with a retro rock feeling during our encore..


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John Earl Walker's Band line up includes Joey Tremelo on guitar,
Bobby Infante drums, Peter Harris on Bass. This show was taped July 17, 2001.
The CD is now out of print, but we have these video nuggets here for your enjoyment,
and the studio version of these tune is available on our Little Miss Perfect CD.

John Earl Walker and Joey Tremelo wrote this up tempo number that was on two 
 live CDs , as well as the studio produced version of the song included on Little Miss Perfect.

This  slow blues number about disappointment, shall not fall
 short in satisfying your hopes and expectations of us.

Just when you think you're winning karma comes around to zap you in the rear.
Another Walker original with a medium tempo groove. 



A Day Of Wine & Blues Festival - sponsored by the Downstate NY Blues Association and Warwick Winery

From the festival noted above, otherwise known as the concert
in the rain, the band perform this song from our 2003 CD release,
I'm Leavin' You. The line up includes Joey Tremelo on guitar,
Bobby Infante drums, Peter Harris on Bass, Gene Cordew on keys
and yours truly, John Earl Walker on lead guitar and vocals.

Another tune from our CD I'm Leavin' You, that's about
the kind of romance nobody should have to put up with!

As the wind and rain picks up we close off our set with
this song from the 2005 reissue of our CD, Little Miss Perfect.
Thanks to Howie for having us and for keeping the monitors dry.



Joey Tremelo, Bobby Infante, Peter Harris and I play two songs off our 2003 CD
release Little Miss Perfect, at the annual festival held in Sheepshead Bay ,where
we get together with other musicans and friends from our New York neighborhood.



Between "Plum Nelly" and the "John Earl Walker Band" there were,

Recently Restored!
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John Earl Walker, John Murphy and Domunique on the rooftop of Roosevelt Island Hospital
overlooking a grandiose view of the Manhattan skyline.

Also taped on that same rooftop of Roosevelt Island Hospital,
the Power Trio line up of The Rockers playing once again.

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A short documentary about the history of John Earl Walker's first band.
Click on the image of the guys to view this clip from their December 2006 reunion.


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